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Our Brands

Learn more about our brands and their stories

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Saint James

For the last 130 years, Saint James clothing’s identity has been linked to artisanal, slow fashion knitting know-how developed through a close “family” of employees. They are heirs to a nautical tradition that they are proud to share in France and around the world. 

Haris Cotton

Haris Cotton is an independent apparel brand located in Athens, founded in 1975. Nature is at the very core of the brand, that's why natural fabrics and dyes are always a priority. Greek nature, civilisation, and mythology are constant creative sources, with elements like aquatic prints and ancient Greek patterns adorning each collection.

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Grace & Mila

Grace & Mila is a womenswear brand that encapsulates French elegance with a contemporary twist. The brand name refers to Princess Grace Kelly and her timeless and feminine style, while the name Mila means ‘loved by the people’ in Russian, and both of these ideas come through in the brand’s romantic, delicate and poetic collections. With easy day dresses, pretty blouses, relaxed coordinates and casual skirts, Grace & Mila fits perfectly into any wardrobe, giving it a touch of classic style.

American Dreams

American Dreams is a Danish brand specialized in high quality knitwear. Their mission is to make lovely knits at an affordable price. They use only fine materials that are among their popular colourful mohair designs which they have become well known for. All their garments are designed in Copenhagen, Denmark with love and attention to all the small details. Their mission is to make knitwear that feels warm and soft against your skin.

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From My Mother's Garden

A creative “wearable art” fashion label under the charming name From My Mother’s Garden. The label is the inspiration of Penny Callaghan, owner of Colmers Hill Fashion Boutique in West Dorset.

The first designs were entitled Harmony, Radiance, Connection and Reflection which captured the vibrant colours and magical beauty of an English garden. The names were conceived by Penny’s Mother to denote how she feels when she is in her garden. She was inspired by her Mother’s garden, the times they have spent there and their close mother & daughter bond.

Levete Room

The Leveté woman is feminine and not afraid to play with elegant and tailored elements from the mens wardrobe. She effortlessly mixes soft, drapy and transparent tops with a pair of tailored trousers. Rooted in the Nordic and inspired by travelling to Paris, she is a proud and presentable woman with character.

Leveté Rooms project is to make beautiful, modern and yet timeless clothing, which empower women to create a classic and chic look.

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Devotion Twin

Devotion TWINS focuses on gorgeous natural fabrics such as cotton, beautiful poplin fabrics, precious hand-embroidered details and traditional ethnic patterns. Designer Athina combines these elements with clean lines and her signature Devotion TWINS silhouette. Eclectic color combinations, eye-catching patterns and a paean to original Greek craftsmanship are never missing from any Devotion TWINS collection. The ultimate vacation feeling to wear, produced correctly and fairly in Europe. 

The Ragged Priest

Founded in 2007 on the British coast of Southend-On-Sea, The Ragged Priest started life on Ebay selling a mix of hand picked vintage. They soon evolved to specialise in denim; creating one-off designs customised by hand for our growing following. Inspired by grunge roots and good times, studded and worked into denim became our signature.  Rihanna rocked Coachella in a pair of their lovingly studded shorts, and they decided it was time to start designing our own cult classic denim and unapologetic collections. The Ragged Priest was unleashed. 15 years later their cult following is stronger than ever, and what started as a labour of studded love is now a distinctive force to be reckoned with. 

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