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Styling the Rectangle Body Shape

The Rectangle body shape features a well-proportioned equal bust, waist and hip measurements. This body shape usually has a straight shoulder line and ribcage, little waist definition, straight hips, and a long, lean body.

Styling the Rectangle body shape is all about defining the waist by breaking up the well-balanced silhouette. Dimensions can be added to your body frame by enhancing the waist with added volume to the upper and lower body or by visually cinching in the waist. A great place to start is by experimenting with added elements such as a push-up bra, well-structured clothes, different cuts, prints, and textures bright colours. The waist can be defined with belts or nipped garments and darker colours in the waist area, whilst avoiding clothes that end at the waist or tucked in tops.

An excellent way to add curves is by choosing round necklines such as a scoop or jewel whilst lower, wider V-necks visually lengthen the shoulder and bust. Clothing can be used strategically to create shape; avoid shapeless garments, and opt for well-structured items to create volume on either the top or bottom. Relaxed, chunky knitwear that ends below the hip and has curved details will create volume however, boxy fitting garments on the upper body will look shapeless.

In terms of jackets, styles with a nipped or belted waist will create shape, whilst straight cut jackets that hang nicely off the shoulders can also create a more natural silhouette. Similarly, flaring style skirts and dresses with details such as belts and wraps will create a great shape on the lower body. Soft, flowy trousers can also be used to add curve with styles such as wide leg and bootcut really soften the angled frame. Although, extreme flares should be avoided as these will create an unbalanced, bottom-heavy effect.

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