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How to Style the Inverted Triangle Shape

The Inverted Triangle body shape is characterised by strong shoulders and/or large bust that narrows down to the hips, with great legs and an undefined waist. This can make the body appear as an inverted triangle.

Due to theses characteristics, this body shape is often broader on top and therefore, the lower body can be emphasised to create proportional balance. This can be achieved by wearing clothes that enhance the curves of the hips and bottom whilst creating a more defined waist and de-emphasising the upper-body.

Reduce the appearance of wide shoulders with soft, draping fabrics and clean, minimal designs. Avoid wide necklines with strong details and neck scarves. Tops with a U, V scoop or asymmetric necklines or tank tops with wider straps will downplay the broader shoulders.

A great way to create curves on your hips is to draw attention to the legs by wearing lighter, brighter colours and steering away from skinny or narrow trousers. Focussing on waist details such as belts or ruching will further create the illusion of a more defined waist. Dresses that flared from the waist down and pleated or skater skirts will also create balance with the shoulders. Embellishments on the lower body will look great on you. Avoiding tight-fitting skirts that hug the hips will allow for a balanced silhouette.

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