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How to Dress the Triangle Body Type

The Triangle body shape consists of a broader lower body, wide hips with a narrower waistline and shoulders, smaller bust and slender neck.

Styling the Triangle body shape consists of finding clothes that accentuate the waistline, whilst broadening the shoulders and slenderising the hips to elongate the legs. This often proves difficult as the broader thighs and hips can make finding clothes that sit snug on the waist a tricky task.

To create a balanced silhouette, attention can be drawn to the upper body and defined waist using detail. This could be embroidery, patches, pockets, frills, ruching, and beadwork. Fitted tops with bright colours, eye-catching prints and structured shoulders can further enhance the upper body. Use layering on your top half to your advantage as this will create visual interest, whilst avoiding boxy, loose-fitting tops as these will hide the waist. Wide, lower necklines are an excellent way of enhancing shoulders and tapered sleeves are a great way of adding volume to the upper body.

In terms of knitwear, shorter jumpers with a chunkier fabric and loose fit will look amazing on a Triangle shape. You could even try horizontal patterns to create the illusion of more volume.

Similarly, a cropped jacket will look great and so will anything longer that skims over the hip but doesn’t stop at the hip, this will elongate your silhouette.

De-emphasis on the lower body can create balance using darker colours on your legs and avoiding skinny, detailed, or patterned bottoms that steer away from a minimalistic look. When choosing trousers, relaxed fits with a mid or high waist will look great, as these will hug the waist and balance the hip proportions out. Some fantastic options could be straight leg, flared, wide or bootcut. Midi skirts are an excellent way to dress wide hips, with a wider shape at the bottom A-line and bias skirts are a great option.

Dresses should draw attention to the waist whilst concealing the lower body, this can be achieved by wearing styles that have wider shape at the bottom such as A-line and X-line dresses. There are a range of styles that look amazing on a Triangle body shape, these also include Wrap, Tulip and Empire.

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